Aero-plane??How it works?


Bernoulli`s principle

Bernoulli`s principle states that in a steady flow of a fluid, the pressure of the fluid decreases when the velocity of the fluid increases and vice versa. The Bernoulli`s principle can be simply exampled

in a venturi tube, the shape of the venturi tube is like narrowing at the middle and be wider at each of it ends. As fluid travel from the wider parts towards the narrower part, the fluid speeds up. According to the Bernoulli Principle, the fluid should then exert less pressure. As the fluid passes through the narrow, central part of the tube, the actual molecules are accelerated just as a floating stick in a river will move faster when the river flows through a narrower or shallower section. The same principle can be applied towards fluid travel trough an aerofoil. If we superimpose an aerofoil over the illustration of the Venturi tube, the same type of

movement produces a similar reduction in pressure. Meaning that, if there is less pressure on top of than underneath the aerofoil, the aerofoil will be ‘pushed’ towards the lower pressure area giving it ‘lift’. To produce this pressure difference, the surface needs either to be inclined (angled upward) to the air flow, or to be curved as in the case of an aerofoil. In practice, a combination of both of these is used.
The application of bernoulli`s principle in aeroplane

Aircraft movements are categourized into three-dimensional environment which means it can rotate around three axes. They are longitudinal,lateral and vertical. Rotation around these axes enables the aircraft to change direction, take off and land. Movement about each axis is categorised by the specific result it has on aircraft direction which are roll,pitch and yaw. Roll is caused by the movement of wing about the longitudinal axis. Movement about the lateral axis that causes the nose of the plane to move up or down is called pitch. Yaw is side to side movement results in the movement of the nose in vertical axis.
The wing of airplane consist of ailerons and flap. Ailerons are located on the outboard trailing edge of the wing, and move in opposite directions to each other. Flaps are located beside the ailerons and move with same direction to each other.
For the tail part of airplane it includes the vertical and horizontal stabilizers. On the trailing edge of the horizontal stabilizers, there are elevators that move with same direction to each other. Whereas on the trailing edge of vertical stabilizers, there is a rudder. All of these part have their own function in the movement of the airplane.
In the longitudinal movement(roll), the ailerons are used. If the right ailerons deflected downwards and the other side upwards, the right ailerons will have upwards pressure and the other side will have downwards pressure hence cause the plane roll clockwise or vice versa. The greater the amout of deflection of aileron, the faster the roll will occur or vice versa.
The horizontal stabilizers( surfaces that are located on either side of ‘tail’) play it roles in lateral motion(pitch). It consist the non-moveable part and moveable part. The moveable parts in horizontal stabilizers for the ‘tail’ are the elevators. Varying the deflection of the elevator moves the nose of the aircraft up or down. By deflecting upwards both elevator, it increases the downward pressure on the tail so the nose of the aircraft moves upwards. In contrast, by deflecting both elvator downwards, it decreases the downward pressure on the tail and forces the nose downwards.
The other part of tail is rudder that located vertically at the trailing edge of the tail. It functioning in yaw(vertical) movement of the aeroplane. The rudder act as same as the elevators accept it is in vertical. Hence, as it deflects toward right of left, it creates a force in opposite direction. This force causes the aircraft to yaw(the nose move sideways) and allow for a change in flight direction.
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