salamun alaikum...to all readers, I juz wanna say a little bit bout the condition of majority teenagers in Malaysia . Firstly , we as the human with rational thinking, try to think, what do the couple do or talk when they go for a date??is it to talk bout knowledge?ouch..i think it`s very very far away from that as we can see how is the condition of the teenagers especially in MALAYSIA. I wanna share my experience seeing the teenagers in the night of 31st disember 08 in Shah Alam. I came with my friends. As we arrived, we could see teenagers with motorcycles and bicycles just gathered at the dataran Shah Alam(sa) without good purposes i think. Well, lets think, if someone came bring big speaker and give an islamic talk, how would they feel?...hurmmm...lets think together,how can we change the thinking of teenagers in Malaysia?..we know that teenagers today will replace the governance in the future.rite??And i`ve heard some of "kata pepatah" i think that say "if we want to look the country fil mustaqbal(at the future), look at the teenagers today". So, what`s ur opinion guys?How?let me give some suggestion. How bout the person that have islamic knowledges or at least know that teenagers is the main power to bring back ISLAM to approach the teenagers?..insyaAllah with the spirit that they have...Allah will give help.. OU syababal islam...lets move!!!wake up!!!bring back islam!!!
that`s all... asssalam...

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van der shraaf berkata...

it's just the matter of time...

-- MaN Ana -- berkata...

my brother...no matter wut we do...insyaAllah there`s time for us to give contribution to islam..while u eat,drink or wut ever u do..u can still dakwah to ur friends even like giving advices.juz a little advice..Allah will ask bout we do for islam?not the result...ok my brother..thnx..

fieqa berkata...

just drop by ..

yup..I do agree with man ana..

keep spreading dakwah even though with the very simple act..

who knows, by showing good attitudes in us, directly or indirectly, other people may realise what they can do and what they can't..

but, sometimes,
to uphold the 'amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar' is not an easy task,perhaps for some people ,
me too feel the same.^^..
pray to Allah, May Allah guide us to be a true teenager who can bring our Islam back!..

for those teenagers out there, u can think anything that u want..

our life is become more shorter..
ask ourself,
have we prepared to meet Allah the Almighty at the judgement day?
asking myself...hmm..thinking..

selamat tahun baru masihi..

May Allah give u the very best, insyaallah..

anis berkata...

salam ziarah..

first of all, nice post..
really inspiring me..

me myself always wondering why do people; regardless teenagers or adult must involve in coupling..
i dont understand why..
because, for me..
why must we love someone who is not sure will be our soulmate????

for me..
no love b4 marriage..
but, not many people have the same idea like me..

regarding the incident just now..
agree with u..
as long as we're muslim, i'm sure dat we MUST carry responsibility to spread dakwah..
no argument bout dat..

however, we must be creative to spread dakwah to other people..
not many people love to listen to lecture..
n not many people love to read long articles on ISLAM..

so, btw..
we must be creative..
sometimes, things are not likely as what as we expected it to be..
so, we must be patient..


salam perjuangan~

najihah iman berkata...

salam ziarah..

dun wait until tomorrow..
wake up syabab islam..

hisyam berkata...

Sedangkan sahabat Usamah bin Zaid r.a menjadi panglima tentera seawal usia 17 tahun.

Haha, kita 17 tahun tengah buat ape kan? Malu kita...

zunnurain fahmi berkata...

sultan muhammad alfateh dah tawan satu kota mse baye kita..

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